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Paul and Tess

Our Story...

Hello and welcome to the Newmarket Hampers Family.

Paul and Tessa own Newmarket Hampers. Founded in 2007 - Newmarket Hampers was born out of  a love of good food and vintage charm -  a hobby that has grown into a fully fledged full-time occupation. Newmarket Hampers began life as a gift company based in Newmarket - as Tessa was a chef the picnic hampers soon became a fixture and sourcing top quality foods has been a real passion along with feeding people!

We are a family run business - Paul and Tessa are a husband and wife team and their growing children (Olly, Emily and Katie) are all playing a part in the family business. We also employ passionate hamper staff who love our concept and what we do.

Our business as with many small business's started from home and a large out building - we have since outgrown 4 commercial spaces and now occupy 2 large units. Our commercial premises house our kitchen, packing space, storage and meeting rooms. As part of the service we invite people to make an appointment to meet us and the team and try some picnic fayre or discuss hamper options. As a family run business we believe the customer is at the heart of everything we do - so please get in touch to discuss your requirements further!

Luxury Hamper June 2018

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